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As toddlers grow and become more mobile, the transition from needing to be carried and transported at all times, to crawling and walking, can be hard on both parent and child. When a baby reaches around 6 months of age, they begin to start trying to pull up on tables and move from place to place on their own. A great way to make this transition easier is to invest in a baby walker.

With a walker, your baby can begin to use and develop the muscles required for walking without the risk of falling and hurting themselves. It’s also a great way for mom and dad to help baby develop these skills without having to chase them everywhere. A great walker to look into is the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker. Take a look at all this product has to offer.

Who Is The Product Designed For?

This walker is designed for babies and toddlers between 6 and 12 months of age who are beginning to develop motor skills. The child should be no more than 30 pounds and under 35 inches. It’s sea life theme make it great for both sexes.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker



Features of Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

Unique Elliptical Frame
Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance as they begin to walk and become mobile. This walker is equipped with an extra-wide frame that provides maximum security and stability as your baby moves around the home. The unique elliptical frame prevents that walker from teetering from side to side as your baby moves, bounces, and begins to learn to walk. The walker is easy for little ones to navigate as the front wheels swivel while the back wheels are designed to move only forward and backward. This setup allows the walker can turn right, left, forward, and backward.

Tunes and Removable Toys
Not only does this walker provide a safe and stable way for your baby to learn to walk, it also can provide hours of entertainment. This ocean themed walker comes with adorable toys that will keep your baby entertained and stimulated. Add batteries to the walker and baby can activate lights by turning the steering wheel. They can also enjoy fun ocean-themed music. The volume of the tunes can be adjusted and will shut off after a predetermined amount of time.

Built-in Tray For Toys Snacks and More
As your baby is beginning to learn to walk, they are also beginning to eat new foods. With a built-in tray, the Baby Einstein Neptune Walker is a great place for your baby to enjoy a snack on the move. The tray offers plenty of space for small finger foods, juice bottles and more. Once snack-time is over the tray can be wiped clean and used to place entertaining toys. The walker comes with toys that snap right into the tray so they won’t fall off as your baby plays. They can be easily removed when necessary.

Adjustable Height
We all know that babies grow so quickly. It often seems that as soon as you buy them something new, they outgrow it. This walker is designed to grow with your baby. As their legs grow, simply adjust the height so that their feet just hit the ground, as if they are walking naturally. Most parents report being able to use this walker for ages of 6-12 months. It can accommodate babies that are up to 35 inches long.

Easy To Clean Material
We all know that toddlers inherently come with messes. This walker is constructed of heavy duty plastic that is easy to clean. So, whether you have a drooly baby or a messy snacker, simply wipe down the walker when they’re done. It also folds up with the push of a button, so that it can easily be stored away when not in use.

Cute Sea Life Theme

The walker features an adorable sea life theme. It has a friendly sea turtle on the seat, a sea turtle toy, other sea-themed toys, and ocean themed music and sounds. It’s a great way to introduce your child to nature and sea life in a fun way. Because it is gender neutral in color and theme it can be re-used if you plan on having more than one child.



If you’re looking to invest in a walker for your toddler, this is a great walker for 6 to 12 months old babies to use as they are learning to walk. It is safe and stable, while allowing your baby to begin to explore his or her surroundings. It also comes with cute toys and lights to keep your baby occupied. Most importantly, though, this walker is functional. It is easy to clean, set up, and store. It’s adjustable height also makes it worth the investment because it can grow with your baby and continue to be used as they develop and mature.

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