Disney Minnie Mouse Peek-A-Boo walker Review

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Peek-A-Boo Walker

It is an exciting time for every parent when their child is ready to take their first step, but most times they need a little support and encouragement. Carrying a child always will delay the child from walking early, it is recommended that a baby walker is bought to teach the child how to walk with ease. This Stylish and fun baby walker with lights, piano keys, sounds, flowers, beads and an adorable Minnie mouse theme is exactly what your baby girl needs. Disney Minnie mouse walker is suitable for a baby who can sit upright without being assisted, every baby girl will love this walker because they can have fun with it while learning how to walk.

Disney Minnie Mouse Walker

The Disney baby Minnie mouse Bows and butterflies’ Walker is a safe walker for toddlers who are learning how to walk. It has a small Minnie mouse play zone where the baby can have fun using her hands, it is designed to have sounds and lights which keeps the baby entertained. When you purchase this walker, it is easy to assemble and can also be disassembled easily to create space. When your baby isn’t using the walker, it can be put away out of sight. What attracts babies to this walker, is all its shades of cuteness. It has hints of purples, pink, blues and the Minnie mouse theme.

For who is the product designed

  • The Disney Minnie Mouse walker is designed for baby girls who can sit by themselves and hold their head high without being assisted
  • It is suitable for babies who are learning how to take their first step
  • It is suitable for kids who are petite in size
  • A child who crawls
  • A baby who is not enabled to walk or climb

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Peek-A-Boo Walker


Features of the Disney Minnie Mouse Walker

The Disney Minnie mouse walker comes with unique fun looking features which make it suitable and easy for your baby to enjoy. It is recommended that this walker is used by children from the age of 6 months upwards, it can also carry children of about 25lbs.

Support: this walker provides an additional high seat support for the baby, it has a 3-position height adjustment, this means you adjust it to suit your child’s height and whatever position you need her to be. It makes it comfortable for the kid to be able to stand upright and practice how to move at various positions.

Sounds and lights: Other baby walkers have sounds and lights that keep the child occupied, but the Disney Minnie mouse walker does a better job, it plays songs from the Minnie mouse cartoon and keeps the child happy and intrigued at the same time. The lights make the walker look more beautiful with all shades of cuteness for a baby girl. Everything about this baby walker can be controlled, the sounds, lights, and music can be controlled. The volume control makes it easy for you to tune down the sound and keep the noise level where you want it.

Removable toy station: The Minnie mouse toy station attached to this walker can be removed, this allows for fun on the go. When you take your child out of the walker, you can occupy her when she is on the floor with the removable toy station. This means the child doesn’t have to be on the walker to have fun with the Minnie mouse play station. There are 2 link loops where you can add your baby’s favorite toys. The removable baby toy station is easy to clean; therefore, you do not have to worry about a dirty toy.

Maintenance: Maintaining your baby’s walker is also of great importance, the Disney Minnie mouse clean seat pad is easy to clean, its Unique elliptical frame provides a sturdy platform making it safe for the child since the body of the walker is strong and durable.

It is easy to assembly the Disney Minnie mouse walker, it requires 3AA batteries which are usually not included in the product. The Disney Minnie mouse walker can be easily stored and put away, it lays flat for storage and can be placed under a seat or put away in a corner.


What do customers say about the product?

Reviews from customers who have bought this product were mostly positive reviews. Most people were pleased with the Disney Minnie mouse walker, they felt it is a perfect complement to their Minnie mouse themed nursery. One of the users, recommended this walker because it helped her daughter strengthen her leg and make her learn how to walk faster. The only negative review we could find complained that the walker wheels got stuck once her child was in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: are the different levels, Like for a size of a baby?
Answer: it has buckled under the seat that makes the seat higher for a taller baby if your baby has short legs you’re out of luck.

Question: does this walker work on carpets?
Answers: yes, but best without carpet.

Final Verdict

We recommend this walker to any parent who wants their baby girl to have fun while learning how to walk. Its unique features and Minnie mouse theme makes it a sought-after walker for baby girls, it is perfect for babies who are about to take their first step. It is built from strong and durable materials, a lot of its users complained that the walker was a bit heavy but this did not diminish their love for the walker. This walker can be bought on Amazon at an affordable price when compared to other walkers. The adorable pink styling featuring Minnie Mouse with her pretty pink bows and plenty butterflies is a perfect compliment to any Minnie Mouse themed nursery. Your baby girl will definitely find the Disney Baby Minnie bows and butterflies walker irresistible.

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