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Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker Bees Knees

Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker is a “bee’s knees” style walker. The baby walker is cute and quality made. Toddlers will enjoy sitting in it while learning how to walk. Children under 2 years old or those under 30 lbs. will get a little help with the walker’s mobility. The main feature which babies adore are the sounds of timeless classic tunes which result from the toys. Most importantly, they will love the colorful light display. In fact, with the character toys and music playing as they sit comfortably in the Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker, you’ll see your toddler becoming more alert and active. It will excite them and even encourage them to walk in it. Children become entertained with the accessories on the top tray and while the creative designs help, it’s the Disney characters which catch their eyes. In addition, the colors, the tunes, and the mirror will excite them with amazement. In general, if you are busy and are unable to hold your baby, then your little one can still be heard because of the musical tunes playing in the background. You’ll be able to monitor your baby because of the walker’s mobility to move around from room to room.

Features of Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker

Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker


Designed for toddlers

It’s designed to hold up your baby while s/he gets used to touching and walking on the floor. If their legs are hanging it’s because your baby is lifting with his/her cute little knees. If not, their little feet will touch the floor and this will propel them to walk! These lessons are all are part of the walker’s learning tools which result in owning one of these types of walkers. The design with the toys, the sounds, and the designs on the baby’s walker enhance the walking lessons for all toddlers. With this in mind, there are other features that are just as important with this particular baby walker purchase. Here are other features to consider when purchasing such an investment for your child. The Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker have several points to consider.

A great learning tool

It’s a great learning tool for any child. The Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker is a fun way for children learning how to walk be entertaining while doing so. If you need to have both hands free in order to work around the house, this is why you need to consider purchasing one of these. The walker is a perfect place to sit baby on so that you can have your hands free. It’s also a great reason to buy it so your baby can sit and be entertained with the toys and classic tunes. One of these types of walkers will help your child get use to the comforts of sounds, sights, and movement while in it. It will keep your baby active and with this type of behavior, toddlers work out their little legs as they learn to walk too. You can have your child play with the Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker characters that are on the activity tray while you are in another room washing, cleaning, or cooking. This makes it a great learning tool while your baby focuses on the walker’s accessories.

Music on the baby walker

When your infant plays with the toys, the Disney Winnie The Pooh’s selected music will turn on. This is when the fun-filled theme toys become a thrill. It’s a perfect opportunity for children to play while sitting in the walker. They will be listening to the songs as they practice their walking in the baby-walker. Additionally, one of the main accessories your baby will enjoy is the walker’s music selection. For example, on the tray, there is a pop-up toy which has the Winnie the Pooh character in it. The twelve songs which are available when that specific toy is pushed downward will turn on. The music and lights will continuously be on thereafter as your child continues to push it down. This is when the fun begins. Your baby will enjoy this element of the Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker because it lights up with red blinking lights. Then, your child will find that exciting as it plays music while learning how to walk or simply sit and ‘hum’ the sounds of the music playing.

Activity and storage trays

As trays swing open atop of the baby-walker, take advantage of what’s underneath. The top is the activity tray and the bottom is for storage. There are bright, bold colors and oversized snack trays are safe and washable. You can order various ones if they are available. Be aware that there is a gap between the two sides of the top tray. This is where the toys are. Your baby will love the Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Tiger and the Honey Pot prop which is a delight for any baby boy or girl. When you close it, parents must make sure that it closes shut completely. In addition, the bottom tray is a great storage area for toys and small snacks, or other things for your little one to play with. They’ll also love looking in the mirror at themselves when they discover it first.

Wheels: 360-degree turns

Some other important features of the Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker is the wheels. Each wheel has the capability to do a 360-degree turn. This makes it easy for your infant to get access to various places to walk. It’s a smart way to design this type of toddler’s walker. The ability for toddlers to move around easily is exciting for children just learning their mobility. The sturdy wheels give the baby the ability to roll on smooth, but not ragged, carpets. Another aspect of its rolling ease is the ability to roll around on tiled or wooden floors. In fact, it has grip-strips for those bumpy or uneven floors as well.

Easy to use

The walker is easy to use. The high-back seat is machine washable, plus, the baby-walker is easy to assemble. Parents can put it in their vehicle when traveling because it is light. In fact, the Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker only weighs less than 14 lbs. The measurements are 5 inches in length by 25.38 inches in width by 29.0 inches in height. Nevertheless, it’s a cute and smart way to seat your child while doing house chores since it’s easy for your baby to get comfortable while learning to walk, and have something to do. These things to do are singing, walking, moving around, snacking and playing overall. Your baby will be busy because of the activities are easy to use. The walker keeps all attempts for babies to walk in it that much easy. In fact, there’s a button underneath to push and adjust for your child’s height. It serves a great purpose since it can help your baby walk, bottom line.

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Q? Is there a way to buy the trays separately and how? A: The answer is yes. The activity and storage trays are available online. There are various prices from region to region and store to store. Therefore, take advantage of the online Consumer Care Team. They are available in most regions worldwide. You can go online and check-out the various department stores that sell the children’s walkers as well. But, you do want to check online for their availability. The contact information is on the Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker itself which is another reason this is a great product! Q: Who is the design made for? A: Since the manufacturer did not give any paperwork, a representative from the company did reply to this type of question. She replied to this question on If toddlers sit up unassisted in it, then they are fine. This is whom the design is made for. Your baby must weigh under 30 lbs. to sit in. Children should be smaller than 32 inches as well. Need more information? You can get more information for the Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker via email. Make sure when you ask any questions regarding this walker on the Amazon website, you write on the subject line the product and send to Q: How old should toddlers be to sit in one of these? A: Some parents replied, ‘infants between the ages of 6-12 months and even up to 2 years old’ can use these walkers. In other words, if they can sit in it without weighing it down to the floor, then it can be used. A representative told a prospective customer on to keep this in mind. If a child can sit unassisted in the walker, then this is one reason to consider when buying it. Nevertheless, when infants are able to pick themselves up with their hands, elbows, and even their knees, this is the type of baby-walker you would want to get. It becomes a great help and piece of equipment to keep infants at a vertical stance and not always laying down! It’s an innovative and creative way to keep your baby standing and playing while learning how to walk and being entertained. Q: Can the wheels lock or can a baby stay stationary in it? A: The wheels cannot lock, but they are sturdy. Made in caster-like material, the walker’s wheels turn in a 360-degree roll around. This feature helps babies with the ability to walk around with ease.

Finally, your baby will love the Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker because of the Winnie the Pooh characters which are the overall theme. The music and lights are exciting to hear and watch and it’s these elements that babies love. They’ll play with the colorful toys on the tray while singing along to the tunes. Nevertheless, when parents are busy around the house, toddlers can sit or be mobile. The snacks and the toy tray, the lights and the music are what your baby will enjoy the most. Therefore, depending on your baby and how s/he feels in it will ultimately decide how long it will take for them to learn how to walk in it. It’s recommended indefinitely because of the music and the toys, the lights and the ease-of-use as far as the wheels it has on it. For best walker guideline you can Read this article.

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