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Effective Tips to Take Newborn Baby Care

Baby is a great gift from God. The newborn baby is very sensitive, so we have to take extra and proper care. The immediate newborn baby care is important for being healthy. There have many types of newborn care advice which we should do immediately for newborn baby care. Newborn baby’s body temperature, their breathing, the amount of feed required by the newborn are all essential health factors for your baby. The first month of your newborn baby can be confused and overwhelming for first-time parents. Newborn baby care 1st month is exhausting and challenging for new parents but it is one of the most enjoyable and pleasant experiences of every parent.

Tips of Newborn Baby Care 

Newborn baby after birth is obviously challenging but it being more difficult when you are a first-time parent. Here we describe some ways that will help you to take care of a newborn baby.

 1. Feeding

Newborn baby eats many times in a day and it is very important to feed them on time. You should feed your newborn baby 12 times a day and your baby should be only breastfed for six months. Breast milk contains vital nutrients and antibodies that help your baby to survival and growth. After 1-2 hours you can breastfeed your baby, at first. You will see that you’ll see that the milk is thick and yellowish and it contains a large number of antioxidants and protein, this yellowish milk known as colostrum. If you have a respiratory problem or breastfeed is not an option, feed your baby according to your doctor suggests.

 2. Sleeping

Newborns baby sleep a lot, they need to sleep 18 hours in 24 hours for the first two months. Those hours may be erratic because of that baby can’t be adjusted to the normal day and night cycle. They fall asleep for 2-4 hours and wake up hungry and wet. Baby needs to feed every three hours, maybe you need to wake up for feeding your baby. Keep patience new mama and say goodbye to sleep, because your newborn baby never sleeps when you want, but they will sleep when you don’t want.

 3. Nursing your baby

Newborn baby weight between 2 to 4 kg. Your newborn baby may lose weight during the first week because of normal post-delivery fluid loss. After 10-15 days your baby regains the birth weight. Increase the weight is very important for your newborn baby’s physical and mental health. Your newborn baby may be observed lacking vitamin K, after few hours of birth give a natural vitamin k injection to the newborn baby.

 4. Keep your baby warm

Immediate after born, baby’s take time to match with this weather they feel cold. It is essential to make your newborn baby warm. When a baby born the main task is wipe with a dry and clean cloth, and properly cover with cloth head to toe. Hold the baby on upper chest that keeps your baby warm. While you hold your baby using the one side hand use opposite hand to support the baby’s head from the back. Placing baby on mother’s chest or abdomen is a good option to provide the necessary warmth for newborn baby. When you hold your baby be careful though your baby takes breath properly.

 5. Sensitive skin

Newborn baby skin is extremely sensitive. A newborn baby is born with wrinkly skin and a protective covering skin you do not need to rush, rub or need not to use any lotion. It will naturally peel off during the first week. Newborn babies may have dry skin, in that case, you don’t need to use any oil or lotion to peel off the skin that may cause an allergic reaction. Different types of chemicals and dyes in clothing, detergents, and baby products can cause skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. Do not use any scented product 1st month of newborn baby.

6. Bathing

Baby are the connection of mothers pulse. After birth babies are being separated from mother by cutting the umbilical cord. When umbilical cord stump falls off, now you are able to give a real bath for the first time to your baby. Wash around the umbilical cord slowly. Take warm water it makes less crying and happy bathing for your newborn baby. You should start bathing newborn baby 2-3 times a week. You have to ready baby’s bathtub, warm water, mild baby soap or body wash without scent, a wash warm cloth, soft towel, baby lotion or baby oil, new diaper, and fresh baby clothes before bath. You can also use a sponge bath for your newborn, fill a bowl with warm water, wrap your baby with a towel and gently wash the areas that have to be cleaned. Wipe your baby’s eyes with a clean soft cotton ball.

Final word

You may get different kinds of advice from everyone about newborn baby. But you have to decide what advice you follow. Newborn baby care 1st month is very challenging and tough for parents because that time newborn baby’s nature is unpredictable. So, keep the plan that any time you need to feed or change the diaper to your baby. But remember, you will be rewarded when you see the smile on your baby’s face and when your baby called you ‘MAMA’. Here we discuss six ways that will assist you in taking care of your newborn baby.

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