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Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It

When first the Nuna MIXX came, it was one of the luxurious and affordable strollers with a lot of must-have features, including a simple fold, easy car seat compatibility, and reversible seat. After that this one came that we’re going to get Nuna Mixx2 review as a newer version with some new feature and stylish upgrade. Among the many other added features, a leather handlebar, as well as chrome-accented wheels, are the main addition. While ignoring the real appearance of the previous strollers of Nuna, keep a closer view of the latest stroller and you’ll get known the amazing features of the packs.

As a result, if you start with the improvised Nuna mixx bassinet, you’ll also find that there are some rare features that are found just in this model. For example, it comes with the fat seat that you can get completely lay down your baby and it’s much easy to convert it to a bassinet-like seat in a simple way.

Nuna Mixx2 Review
Nuna Mixx2 Review

Top Features Of The Best Nuna Mixx2 2019 Stroller

You’ve to cautiously choose the right model that will meet your expectations and provide a safe and comfy ride for your baby regardless of what type of stroller you’re deciding to buy. Also, you’ll have to cautiously check its safety characteristics when you select the stroller with matching car seat or simply picking the baby car seat compatible with your pushchair. If you like to get your little protected in the event of an accident, it’s very significant because the baby car seat should afford the safest ride. As the car seat supposed to be rear facing and have a constant base, it’ll soak up the energy during a clash. That’s why you should ensure it as comfortable as easy to regulate harness and the entire seat needs keeping baby steadily in place by minimizing moves from one side to another.

In addition to those, won’t rub newborn’s delicate skin if you can ensure the baby car seat is well padded with soft stuff. In this case, you’ll have to choose the breathable fabric so that it can prevent your baby from overheating and sweating. Moreover, with the Nuna Mixx stroller newborn could contentedly nap during strolling, the regular seat should be lying down.

How To Choose The Top Rated Nuna Mixx2 Stroller?

Since the birth till toddlerhood, you can use it that’s a great thing about the travel system in these days. As a result, you won’t need to spend money on another gear in the future as it can be your single stroller. While you’re starting using it, you’ll be able to use it as an infant car seat carrier. You simply take the car seat outside the car and add it into the stroller frame, thanks to it you don’t need to wake up your baby from sleeping in a car if you’re putting to them in the bassinet. Another thing that you should consider while shopping a baby travel system is that its price and it varies widely. So, you should consider buying the one that doesn’t need to buy extra adapters to mount a car seat into the frame.

Why You Choose The Nuna Mixx Stroller For Your Toddlers?

In these days, one of the most popular types of strollers is a travel system because of having a lot of advantages that encourage the parents to get it. It’s true they come to serve as a primary stroller, but you can utilize them from the birth to the toddlerhood of your baby. If you buy the Nuna Mixx stroller, you don’t need to buy any other travel system. It’s because after the birth of your baby you can stroll with them in an infant car seat after that convert it for regular toddler seat. As it lets you spare some space in your house, you can save some money as well. Also, don’t forget to check if both parts have the features you need if you consider buying a travel system for your baby.

Car seat are available in nuna mixx2 stroller?

Yes, of course, you’ll get a car seat with Nuna Mixx2 stroller that’s securely clicked into the frame of its Tavo. As it’s huge, it has a pop-out sunvisor along with a zipped in ‘dream drape’ to get covered entirely your child even when the seat is flatteringly reclined. It’s true you’ll find some different types and models car seats that fit this stroller, but usually, you’ll have to buy them separately. And when it comes to the Nuna Mixx2, you’ll get a car seat along with some other things like flat recline, compact fold, large basket, and big canopy. So, if you buy a color matching Pipa car seat then you’ll be able to convert this stroller into a smart pram with a bassinet easily. As a result, your baby is certainly in for a comfortable and great ride.

2018 Nuna Mixx2 Colors Vs 2019 Nuna Mixx

When we compare these two strollers, we found that Nuna MIXX2 2019 comes in 5 different colors like Caviar, Indigo, Berry, Jett, and Suited. Among them, the last two versions you can buy as a piece with its bassinet. But, don’t forget that color deviations may have special prices and you should try to compare discounts for all colors and the prices. Also, you’ll find there two more additional colors like blue and Verona that get sold in the same box while matching PIPA Lite LX car seat. With black leatherette details, both come with a herringbone pattern intertwined with tweed. But, if we look at the Nuna MIXX2 2018, it can be paired with a PIPA, PIPA Lite or PIPA Lite LX with your chosen car seat with the colors of Indigo Blue, Caviar Black, and Berry Red.

Top 04 Nuna Mixx2 Review




1. Nuna Mixx Stroller in Slate

The Nuna Mixx Stroller in Slate is prepared for the stroll ahead no matter it is an all-day outing on cruise control or just a quick spin around the block. Your day can take you anywhere else in between from the car connecting smartly to wistful walks in the park. This is not just designed to have your tiny rider facing you or out, it can be folded looking anyway as well. It comes with 3 fab modes for your baby and toddler use like forward facing seats, travel system, and rearward. As it built-in flat sleeper seat, you’ll get a lot of space for your newbie to sleep and stretch. Also, you can open it easily with your one hand and its quick release wheels are made for an even more compact fold.

Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 1Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 2

Key Features

  • Luxe hand-sewn arm and push bars
  • Chrome black wheels
  • Smart and stately dark matte frame
  • Cotton blend fabric
  • One-piece fuss-free, compact fold
  • Automatic quick-click folds lock

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2. Nuna Mixx Stroller, Mykonos

For many of us, it can be overwhelming to get a budget for a new baby. The reasons are many like they need clothes, diapers, a stroller, and many more things. You’ll find them a bit pricey while some of the things like rattles and burp clothes are comparatively reasonably priced. But, others such as a car seat and high chair or even crib bedding don’t go in the same way of cheap prices. In this case, the Nuna Mixx Stroller is all set for the stroll ahead whether it could be just a quick spin around the block or the whole day outing on travel control. It’s not just designed to have your little rider facing you; it’s also to fold looking anyway.

Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 3Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 4

Key Features

  • Three fab modes
  • A one-piece fuss
  • Quick release wheels
  • Oversized, extendable canopy
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Simple, height adjustable
  • One-touch, rear wheel braking system
  • Rotating and removable armbar

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3. NUNA MIXX Stroller, Caviar

When it comes to the new Nuna Mixx Stroller Caviar, it’s another hot stroller in the city. As it comes with all-terrain wheels, large basket, compact, and lightweight, increasingly parents want a smart reversible seat stroller. As a result, if you want a full-size stroller that offers a reversible seat and all-terrain wheels then you must think about this one strongly. Apart from those, this sleek looking buggy has roomy seat, reversible seat, very deep recline, adjustable handlebar, flip-flop friendly brake, adjustable leg rest, and no-re-thread harness. Because of being the basket absolutely huge, you can carry two big diaper bags in it. Among some other features that we like more is you can make a bed-like background for your baby if you lift the leg rest and by reclining the back of the seat completely flat.

Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 5Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 6

Key Features

  • Large canopy
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Reversible seat
  • 5 point harness
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Parking brake
  • All-wheel suspension

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4. Mutsy EVO Urban Nomad Stroller

If you’re one of the parents like to mobility and an urban lifestyle then Mutsy EVO Urban Nomad Stroller for you. This stroller edition meets all claims while emphasizing flexibility and ergonomics. It’s not just easy to store and with natural colors and trendy leather finishing, it also comes with a compact and lightweight design. When it comes to the backrest and leg support, you’ll find its set to 4 positions for legs and feet. As a result, it can be raised or lowered. If you’re using the reclining position or you want to protect your child against harmful UV rays then you can extend the seat canopy. Also, because of the double-layered rear part on the cover, the seat is constantly well ventilated.

Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 3Nuna Mixx2 Review – What You Should Know About It 4

Key Features

  • Light frame, only 18.08 lbs.
  • Folds extremely quickly and compactly
  • Converts fast and easily
  • Adjustable seat in multiple positions
  • Unique lock system

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Which One Is Best From Top 04

From the above Nuna mixx2 review, it’s difficult to find out the best stroller as all of them are top in quality and performance. But, if you insist to do it then we suggest buying the number 3, Nuna Mixx Stroller Caviar. The main reason is that it comes with a design of all-terrain wheels with a large basket and compact plus Nuna mixx weight is very light. As a result, the parents who like to get a smart reversible seat stroller are buying this one and who are thinking to buy a stroller, they can buy it.

Why Baby Feeling Comfort For Using Nuna Mixx2 Stroller?

While using Nuna Mixx2 Stroller, you’ll realize that you’re baby is feeling very comfortable. The best reasons are that all babies like to move from one place to another on the free air along and in an open location. As a result, they’ll feel very contented and most of the times they get sleeping with ease when you’ll take them out for a walk, But, keep in mind that you should get a test drive with your baby while shopping a stroller. If you do it then it’ll make you able to know whether your baby is feeling comfortable or not.

However, we suggest the Nuna Mixx2 Stroller because it’s made after wide research and experiment so every child should love it. And also, in practical it’s found that most of the babies do like this stroller for its ease and comfy. With a small and mesh peek-a-boo window and the visor kicked out, this stroller has a smallish canopy.


It’s true that Nuna dropped the Mixx2 name from the 2019 Nuna Mixx, you know that the latest version comes with more features than the previous one. These include a bamboo insert that helps keep your child comfortable, a removable seat fabric for a mesh backing on warm days, a no-rethread harness, and a ring car seat adapter. If we consider the improved features with the expected performance as well as the price then we easily can say that the Nuna Mixx2 is a worthy and formidable contestant with strollers with great uppababy vista safety ratings. As a result, from this Nuna mixx2 review, we can get the decision that if you buy it then the safety and comfy of your baby is guaranteed. It’s because it’s just so elegant, it also easy to push and you can get the stroller around with no or little efforts.


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