We’re glad that you’re interested to know about us, the people’s words you are reading at kidwalkers.com!

Well, the ‘us’ means parents. We’re a happy couple having 4 god damn cute kids!

Now, what is this website all about?

Well, the website is nothing but a complete knowledge center of baby walkers, and some related products too. We here, share all the knowledge we’ve gained about baby walkers, from trying to make our kids’ walk.

We share information, useful tips, suggestions, and we do baby walker reviews as well, so that you never buy the wrong baby walker again for your little prince or princess, or buy a product without knowing it every bit of it, the goods, the not-so-goods and other stuff.

We’ll tell you if a product is great, we’ll also frankly tell you if a product is not so great! We’re no business people here that are trying to sell their product to you. We’re just parents of happily moving kids’, and we want all the kids’ around the world to learn to walk faster with the help of best baby walkers for them.

Why all this?

Oh, well! Good question! Why we’re doing all of this? What’s in it for us?

The joy of your baby moving around swiftly, and your happy face too! Here’s the thing, we’re you once as well. New parent, never bought a baby walker before, and suddenly was given the job to find the best baby walker for our kid. I can understand your feeling, man!

But whatever it is, we had to find the best option, as parents can compromise on anything in this world but not with something related to their baby!

So, till now there was no real trouble. Trouble started to begin when we started searching online. God, all those websites made us confused. Most of the website had no real concrete information. Many of them were biased, they were paid by the manufacturers to tell good stuff about their product (I understood this by meeting a real baby gear expert in person)

Now, the searches made the situation no better, only worse. The websites made us more confused. On top of that, no website really had all the information in the same place. So we had to visit multiple websites to find all the information about a particular product. It was not a swift journey, trust me!

And you can already guess, we did end up buying a wrong baby walker for our baby. After using that for some days when we got to know a little about these products, we bought another one to make sure our baby had the best product.

Now, this did cost us extra money, time and stress, which I’m sure you won’t be willing to spend. And, that’s where the idea of making this website come from. We wanted to make sure that no parent has to go through this suffering, and the little prince and princesses get the best baby walker for them. So we worked hard on this site tried to make a one-stop solution for everyone who’s looking for any information regarding Baby Walkers! And I believe, we did it!

If you still have any further questions about anything, you may contact us through this contact page!