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Joovy Spoon Walker Review | The Best Selling Baby Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a compact, minimalistic, convenient and creative baby walker that combines three important aspects into a single walker that is sure to become your baby’s most trusted companion in its journey to development. These three important aspects include all the necessities of your baby’s life, playtime, snack-time and their complicated right of passage into learning how to walk.

The walker does not just support the baby as its learning to walk, with its durable design, but also has innovative and interactive features for your baby to further develop his adventure in walking in an efficient; fully-successful style. Your baby will be completely comfortable in the luxurious, soft seat that he is perched upon, and will grow to have every confidence in his own little space.

Surely, The Joovy Spoon Walker will be the best gift for both yourself and your little one in both your journey in parenting and his own journey into further growth.

Joovy Spoon walker

Why choose Joovy Spoon Walker?

While there are many baby walkers on the market, one will find that The Joovy Spoon Walker and all its unique features and useful innovations will be a boost that other walkers do not have. It has a strong emphasis on both usefulness for the parents and a strong sense of safety and security for your child as he learns to walk and grow.

The Joovy Spoon Walker has an upper-hand over the other walkers on the market because it provides a highly mobile and adventurous experience for your child that is not limited, but ALSO not risky. It has a great priority on your child’s safety and has a design that ensures just that.

joovy spoon walker


Below, I have listed the many aspects of this walker so you may better understand all that it has to offer.

Clean, Simplistic, Complementary Design –The Joovy Spoon Walker sports a highly tidy and clean design, as well as built with an integral manner in mind. It has a strong significance on convenience and essentiality, crafted in a way that is both modern and traditional. The walker comes with a soft, dazzling and cozy seat for your baby to perch upon as well as being detachable for it to be washed when needed.

3-Position Height Adjustments – Another highly convenient nature of the walker is that it was built on a foundation of support tailored for your child. It is adjustable to three different heights to suit your baby’s growing needs. It can be done with a simple, non-trifling click and its massive base offers reliable support.

Multi-Purpose – The walker also includes an aspect that exhibits a multi-purpose design, with an emphasis on convenience for the parent and the baby. Both you and your child will enjoy the ability to both have snack time and playtime in the same convenient space of the walker. The wide, clean plaster tray allows for your little fellow to enjoy plenty of space to both eat and play; with messes being very easy to clean up with its white design. The tray is also removable, allowing for a walker-only experience should your child want to eat or play elsewhere.

Extra Safety – On top of all listed, the walker also includes a great priority on the safety and security of your child as he uses the walker. It includes non-slip stair pads and steel reinforcement to ensure there is no possibility your baby could have an accident so both you and the little guy can enjoy a secure experience.

Easy for Storage – The Joovy Spoon Walker, with its compact and very easily-adjustable design, is also very good for storing in tight spaces for travel and when not in use. The walker is very non-intrusive and can fit very well as well as being reassembled within seconds, with only having to place the seat back on.

Dashing, Attractive Colors – Not only is the Spoon Walker highly durable, convenient and highest quality; but it also comes with minimalistic but VERY attractive colors to choose from. Your baby will feel at his utmost confidence in the charming colors.

Weight and Height – The weight of the walker is 12.3 pounds on an average, it is also 27.8 x 25.5 x 18 inches when properly unfolded and 27.8 x 25.5 x 9 inches when it is folded. The recommended weight and height of the walker is 30 pounds and 33.5 inches.


What do people say about the Joovy Spoon Walker?

The reception for the customers that have owned the walker is massively positive. The majority of customers have rated the walker a total of five stars! Quite a few have reported that their little ones feel in a happier and growing environment with the walker.

One of the most major concerns with baby walkers is the safety hazards they often possess, which puts parents at a great unease. Nonetheless, the Spoon Walker puts these risks and concerns to rest with its design tailored to the child’s safety. Furthermore, its minimalistic design and the extra large multi-purpose tray is one of the many things customers adore. It has made a very heavy and positive impact on both the lives of the parents and their children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all four wheels swivel?
No, only the front wheels swivel while the back wheels stay put.

How is the Joovy Spoon Walker different from other walkers?
More often than not, a lot of modern-day walkers have an invasive emphasis on style, which causes it to often be cumbersome and unsafe. The Joovy Spoon Walker differs positively in the regard that it takes a massive emphasis on safety and convenience while keeping a simple yet stylish design.

Is this safe for my child?
The Joovy Spoon Walker was designed and produced with safety specifically in mind. Parents can rest with an eased mind knowing that their child uses an exceedingly safe walker with many features, but also never-faltering safety features that will keep your little one safe.

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Final Verdict

Without a sliver of doubt, the Joovy Spoon Walker is an enormous win-win for not only the parents but also the babies themselves. It is easily one of the safest, most secure and convenient walkers on the market, and dominates its competitors in almost all ways imaginable. This walker is undoubtedly the best ways your baby will learn to grow and prosper.

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